5 Best Employee Engagement Activities For Holi

Celebrating the festival at the workplace is essential to boost the engagement of employees and keep the enthusiasm high. But, when it comes to celebrating Holi in the office, most employers or HR don’t shy away from it. The celebration begins with greetings and good wishes for the day, eating gujiyas, and gently applying gulal on each other’s faces, but with the progress of the party can be high with splashes of water, nasty touches, cannabis. When all these scenarios come to the head of HR and the employer, they completely give up the idea of celebrating Holi at work.  So to maintain the employees’ happiness in office, these are some ideas of employees engagement activities for holi

Here are the best employee engagement activities for holi

Announce a dress code

The traditional dress code for holi festivals has always been white. It’s better to give you color, hmmm? Don’t regret that you can’t be mad with color. The sound of white t-shirts and colors with slogans is sure to bring everyone into the mood of the holi day. Looking for ideas? For starters, try Holi Hai; Save water, drink bhang, and the Big Hemp Theory. Make your own along the way.

Set the stage

Most offices are okay with Diwali decorations, so there’s no reason why they don’t allow you to add a little color to the workspace. Festive decorations do not mean expensive. A Holi installation – it can be as simple as gulal’s performance in cutting glass of tea – will send the mood to the entrance. String bright balloons and paper buntings/ribbons in cubicles. And never underestimate the power that comes from clusters of colorful fresh flowers.

Organize a Holi lunch

No office is going to organize a raucous party with colors and loud music, but who can turn down the special lunch filled with traditional food associated with Holi? Make it a potluck and give each team a dish. Chillai, Gujiya, Malpua, Dal Kachori, Dahi Bada – Don’t you already have an itch eating buffet? Save bhang dumplings and chutney for the post-Holi party!

Plan a photoshoot

Make a day to remember it by installing a small photo booth in an open area. A blank wall and a variety of props – rainbow wigs, multicolored hats, outdoor sunglasses, and colorful boards to hold – will prepare for stunning views. Don’t forget a pile of masks, moochs (mustaches), and pouts to add to the fun.

Host an interfriendtion

The festival of Holi is a day to forgive and forget and end conflicts. Could there be a better day to make peace between teams and people clashing in the office? It’s easier to do than said, but sending a message can help break the ice. Over time, this will translate into better collaboration and teamwork.


It is as simple and clean as it gets from celebrating Holi. We can see that no one is getting angry, growing a hair or two, or participating in any of the above celebration ideas. So, surprise your staff with these employee engagement activities for holi and tell us how they felt it!

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