7 Common Myths about Mattresses

Our beds are one of our most used furniture, and so are our bed mattresses. So, here are 7 myths about mattresses that you shouldn’t fall for.

Myth: You can keep using your mattress until it is saggy.

Reality: A mattress doesn’t have to be saggy to lose its supporting ability. Long before a mattress is visibly saggy, it loses its ability to provide ample support to your body, and relieve pressure from your pressure points. When the mattress’s box spring starts to wear out, the bed starts to squeak more often than not. Furthermore, if you start to see that you’re tossing and turning more than usual while sleeping, it should be an indicator that you need to change your mattress. So, don’t wait for your mattress to get saggy; follow the symptoms and get it upgraded on time to avoid aggravation of pain or discomfort.

Myth: The firmer the mattress, the better it is for your back.

Reality: This has been a common belief for a long time. But in reality, it’s not the firmness that is good for your back. What matters is the support that your back receives, and how good a pressure-relieving action your mattress provides. Hence, if your mattress is too firm, it might actually worsen your pain by causing further spinal misalignments. Most orthopaedics often prescribe medium soft or medium firm mattresses made of memory foam or latex material, because they fit perfectly into your body and thus maintain a good spinal alignment. Buy Springtek mattress, made of 100% natural latex foam, is a good choice for people suffering from back pain.

Myth: Mattress should be flipped regularly.

Reality: This was true for older mattresses that were more likely to be worn and torn if not flipped regularly. But today, most mattresses are designed to be non-flappable because they have a foam padding only on one side. That said, to make sure that your mattresses don’t get depressed at particular portions where you sleep or sit a lot, you can rotate your mattress from time to time. This way, your mattress retains its bounciness longer than usual. 

Myth: A mattress topper can increase the lifespan of your mattress.

Reality: The primary purpose of a mattress topper is to add an extra layer of padding on top of your mattress, so that your experience becomes more comfortable. It can delay sagging, but it is definitely not enough to alleviate the discomfort caused by a saggy mattress. If your mattress is worn out, and the spring support system doesn’t function to the best of its ability, then it might be time to actually look for a new mattress. 

Myth: Avoid latex mattresses if you have latex allergies.

Reality: Latex allergies are a serious threat to a lot of people around the world. However, latex mattresses made of natural latex do not expose the sleeper to natural latex. Latex mattresses always come with an additional cushioning of fibre or foam that totally covers the latex. So, there are absolutely no chances of catching latex allergies. In addition to this, latex mattresses actually have a hypoallergenic effect because they don’t allow the growth of dust mites or roundworms on your bed. They are also antimicrobial.

Myth: All foam mattresses retain body heat.

Reality: Memory foam mattresses are made of a substance called viscoelastic that moulds perfectly to the shape of your body. But a disadvantage of this type is that it retains a lot of body heat in the process, which can make it uncomfortable to sleep on during summers. But, if you prefer foam mattresses and the comfort they provide, then you can opt for open-celled memory foam mattresses, or other such mattresses that have low heat-retaining properties.

Myth: Washing your sheets will get rid of the dust mites.

Reality: Popular mattresses like innerspring mattresses can host millions of dust mites over time, and just simply washing your sheets will not get rid of them. You need to thoroughly steam clean your mattress to get rid of dust mites, and to stop them from growing, use a good mattress protector.

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