Beginners guide to CTC black tea

These days, people are getting diet conscious so they prefer green and black teas. Black teas are processed with a method called CTC called crush, tear and curl. In this process, the black tea leaves are run through cylindrical rollers. These rollers have sharp teeth that crush, tear and curl the leaves which help in enhancing the aroma of the tea. CTC black tea is different from standard tea manufacturing as in this tea leaves are simply rolled into strips.

In India, this process is gaining much popularity because CTC black tea gives a different kind of aroma, freshness and taste. This is best for tea bags as it is quick to infuse and is strongly flavored. Know that CTC way is a cost-effective method. In orthodox processing, the tea leaves are kept intact whereas CTC crushes and tears the leaves into small pieces. CTC has become one of the best things in teas as it is pretty much affordable and has amazing flavor. The CTC process will make leaves oxidized and that will give the taste of black tea. There is no doubt that CTC tea is getting popular in Asian countries. The only reason behind it is that it is cheap, fast and provides consistent results.

To know more about this, refer to the following points:

  • Mechanical process- In this, the only human effort is to choose the right quality of leaves as if the workers choose the wrong quality, the result won’t come out good. In the orthodox method, there are high chances of the tea getting ruined because of more or less oxidization whereas, in the CTC method, the leaves will be treated in the machines which will give stable results.
  • Low cost with high yield product- As this is a totally automated process, human efforts is very minimal which reduces the chances of errors. Nowadays the leaves are collected with machines, nullifying human intervention. This helps in completing the work in no time which leads to less time and fewer costs.
  • Health benefits- The CTC black tea is loaded with immense health benefits as it is loaded with antioxidants which helps in reducing the chances of cancer, helps in keeping you hydrated, reduces weight, balances the blood pressure, relieves stress and reduces headaches and much more. Also, many people have observed that this has helped them in improving their digestion and reduced stomach cramps.
  • Caffeine- Usually CTC method is for black tea varieties. A cup of black tea usually has 50-90 mg of caffeine depending on the variety of black tea. So consume accordingly as a high level of caffeine can lead to restlessness and nausea.

So above are some of the points highlighting the CTC black tea. You can easily get CTC tea powder online, just make sure to buy it from a well-known online platform. Also, experiment with different kinds of tea varieties from tea vendors’ specialists online. You can also get it from any near grocery store very easily.

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