Best Treks to go on Near Bangalore


Bangalore is called the city of technology of India. A majority of the nation’s and international corporations are located in the city and offer a wide range of jobs. This is what’s popular with professionals and job seekers as well as students. Many people aren’t aware of the fact that this gorgeous city is home to a variety of amazing spots to hike. Below are a few most well-known trekking spots close to Bangalore that you could explore.

Skandagiri Is a location with spiritual Vibes

It is Skandagiri Trek is moderately difficult and is accessible via Bangalore, Nandi Hills and Chikballapur town too. Skandagiri, also popularly known as Kalavara Durga, is a popular destination for experienced trekkers who opt for this hike because of its difficulty. While hiking, you’ll discover two caves along your route and take in the breathtaking beauty of the area.

Makalidurga massive hillrock

The location is just 75 km from Bangalore and can be reached in 2 hours or less. This is one of the most difficult trekking spots in Bangalore with its lush and wild green vegetation, a variety of plants, and hillocks of granite. The stunning views of Makalidurga are a fantastic trip for adventurers due to its slippery as well as curvy road. If you’re a person who enjoys photography This is an attractive destination. It is possible to explore its surrounding forest as well as it is home to the Lord Krishna Temple on the slopes. The remains of forts that have been destroyed and palaces are also a draw for hikers.

AnthargangeCave exploration with Trek

In addition to stunning views, the area is a good moderate hike that is 3km, with boulders, caves, small hillocks, volcanic rocks, and. This treacherous trail is famous for night time adventures through the caves that are a mystery. This area is about 80km away from Bangalore The trekkers are able to start their adventure with a drive-in for an unforgettable experience.

Nandi Hills – Tipu Sultan’s Summer Abode

The stunning location is famous for its stunning sunset scene. It is also home to the famed Indian fighter Tipu Sultan. In summer, Nandi Hills are accessible after ascending 1200 steps. The difficulty level of the trek is moderate. The rock outcrop that is popular is another tourist attraction that is known by the name Tipu’s Drop. Its Amrita Sarovar viewpoints are breathtaking and worth the time to see.

Channarayana Durga- Mesmerizing Trek Views

This beautiful spot is a unique combination of plain views of the hills and exciting long distances. You will see a variety of herbs and plants along the route to find medicinal value. The Maratha Fort(oldor old) is situated at the top of the mountain and is a historic monument. Be very cautious when you are trekking as the place isn’t marked by any signs, leading to confusion.

Savandurga Hill- Explore the largest monoliths

Savandurga hill is a favorite for its trails like Billigudda or Karigudaa, Savandurga is a beautiful spot. It provides a simple to moderate hiking experience for trekkers, as well as the stunning views. There is also the Kempegowda fort, a historical fort along the way. Overnight treks are among the main attractions of this region, located about 70 km from Bangalore.

Devarayanadurga- Walk through the thick forest

A well-known cave celebration which is celebrated by Sri Bhoga Narasimha Swamy is among the main attractions of Devarayanadurga. Therefore, for this celebration, the majority of visitors visit the city between February and March. It is a historical temple that is situated near the base. Another temple which is called the Yoga Narasimha Temple is located on the highest point. Gods of Hinduism are also visible along the route. On the way you will be able to enjoy amazing natural springs such as Namada Chilume.

RamanagaraTrekking in the “silk town’

This trek is situated 50 km from Ramanagara. From beginners to expert trekkers, all will be satisfied during this trek. The beautiful aesthetics of the area along with the market for silk is an ideal destination for those who are tekkers. The area is a moderate-to-hard hiking level, along with other options like fishing in Kanva Pitch climbing, Kanva reservoir, as well as Janapada Loka reservoir.

Many of the treks are exhilarating and exciting. After returning to Bangalore, you can rest in your hotels.Many visitors have been to this area, and you will not be a problem The city has a variety of excellent hotels that fit your budget. I believe that these hikes are a blessing for professionals and students living in Bangalore. Due to them, they are able to get away from their hectic schedules and recharge after a short journey.

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