Exploring 3D animation and its Impact on businesses

Technology continues to advance and makes our lives more progressive and even exciting. 3D animations technology is one such technology that is applied to graphics and videos and finds uses in newer and innovative ways. A versatile and specialized 3D animation company in India can create charismatic animations to ensure your brand engages with customers on a whole new level.

What is 3D animation?

3D animation is three-dimensional moving images produced in a digital environment. The 3D rendering is what makes it visually appealing and lifelike.

3D animation companies generate 3D animation through a sequential process of modeling, layout, animation and rendering. It is a precise skill that requires intricate manipulations of 3D models.

The forecasted growth of 3D animations

Top research agencies have evaluated the scope and potential of the sector and forecast immense growth in the industry. Let’s assess some of the forecasts.

  • The global 3D Animation market size is expected to touch $ 13060 million by 2026.
  • It will display an estimated CAGR of 6.2%% during 2021-2026.

(Markets and Markets / Market Watch)

The Impact of 3D animations on Businesses

3D animation is gaining prominence as it enables businesses to interact and communicate better, be it internal or external. Trends are changing as customers now prefer video content to know more about products and services.

  • 1/3 of total online activity is on spent on viewing videos
  • Facebook streams an average of more than 4 billion video streams per day.
  • A video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%
  • 64% of users are more likely to convert into a customer after watching a video


The question is, Why 3D animation?

The markets are cluttered with videos all vying for viewer attention. A routine talking video will not be able to cut through the noise. Brands need to connect and engage with their audiences. An animated 3D video can help here.

Animated 3 D renderings require skillful technical mastery blended with sophisticated artistic sensibilities. A superior 3D animation company like EDIIIE has an excellent track record in storyboard, concept art, UI/UX and has ensured awesome 3D animations for various applications. 

With 3D animation, businesses can:

Connect better with customers

3D animation can spice things up and make the product appealing and exciting. Corporates employ it as a tool to evoke audience participation. And as marketers know, capturing the interest of consumers makes it easier to build trust and connect with the customer.

Build more customer conversions

Promoting products and converting customers is easier once you have captured their interest. 3D animations make this possible.

Improve brand recall and loyalty

3D Animation is an excellent tool for marketing, branding and sales promotion. A well-made animation can create a brand persona and enhance brand recall and customer loyalty.

Marketing Campaign Tool

More than half a million new users access the Internet each day.*

With the internet an integral part of our lives, 3D animation content is a highly cost-effective marketing tool as it can be posted on several online platforms and garner views.


It saves time, money and resources

3D animation can create photorealistic models of products and projects. This makes it easier to refine and correct errors through iterations. Errors spotted in time can save time and cost.

Where is 3D animation used?

Most of us also perceive that 3D animation is limited to Disney movies and games, but that is far off from reality.

Many other industries are using 3D animation with spectacular results. EDIIIE is one of India’s most cutting edge full-cycle 3D animation companies and has a diverse list of clients from different sectors.

So, which industries are these? Let’s look at some of them.

Engineering Industry

Believe it or not, the Engineering Industry has emerged as one of the significant users of 3D engineering animation. It is employed right from the concept and design stage for plants, factory set up, or products. 3D engineering animations have made the process faster and more refined, with real-time modifications decreasing time to market.

Construction, Architecture & Interiors Industry

Perhaps the most versatile use of 3D animation is made by the Construction, Architecture and Interiors segment. With 3D animations, architects can visualize their creations as in real life in Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR). Space can be planned in myriad ways – 3D animation & modelling of buildings, commercial areas, schools, hospitals, and even townships can admit individual design tastes test the designs for structural strength and safety and evacuation. It is an excellent sales aid when approaching investors and buyers. 3D animation & modelling makes it easy to make changes and finalize on the end choice.

Education & Training Industry

3D animations are making considerable ripples in the Education & Training Industry. Edtech companies like Kompanions and IXR Labs are using it to make lessons visualized and stimulating and explain complex concepts, leading to better learning outcomes and skill enhancement.

Corporates can easily undertake the training of employees from anywhere in the world. 3D training manuals are used to train and even repair and maintain machinery.

Healthcare and Medical Industry

The healthcare sector needs sophisticated gadgets and equipment for patient diagnosis, care and treatment. Explaining the usage and benefits through 3D animations is more feasible than paper manuals.

Animation can blend in anywhere

3D Animation works across a broad spectrum of content – from videos to infographics and announcements. While the video is undoubtedly a priority, you can use 3D animation across content. A study by Buzz Sumo suggests that “Why” infographics are also likely to get ample views and shares.   Animation gives you the freedom to explore and experiment.

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 EDIIIE is a reputed and professional 3D animation company offering full-cycle 3D Animation services. EDIIIE’s animation studios are state-of-the-art, manned by a team is skilled and experienced to cater to projects of any size and genre.

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