Latte vs. Mocha: What’s the Difference?

Have you ever been at Starbucks and heard the barista ask if you wanted a latte or mocha? Does it seem that they’re both chocolate-based drinks, so why do they sound so different? If you’re wondering what the difference between mocha vs latte is, don’t worry—you’re not alone! Here’s an explanation of the difference between these two popular Starbucks beverages.

Main Difference

A latte is espresso, steamed milk and foam whereas a mocha is espresso, chocolate and cream. Both lattes and mochas are served hot in a ceramic cup to hold all of their components; however, mochas are topped with whipped cream as well as chocolate sprinkles or syrup for decoration (and for extra sweetness). A latte will typically be sweetened with either sugar or simple syrup (but not both) while most mochas contain either cocoa powder or chocolate syrups to impart that rich taste of dark chocolate into every sip.

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While a latte and mocha are both delicious hot drinks, that is where their similarities end. A mocha always contains chocolate, making it much sweeter than its counterpart, which just uses chocolate as a flavoring instead of as an ingredient (though some coffee shops will add cocoa powder or syrups to lattes on request). If you’re looking for something more like coffee with milk, a latte might be better suited to your tastes; if you want a richer beverage that is more like chocolate milk, then perhaps you should ask for a mocha instead!
What Makes Latte & Mocha Similar?


A mocha is coffee, hot chocolate and milk all mixed together to create a caffeinated milk drink. A mocha is typically made with dark roasted coffee beans, cocoa powder, steamed milk and sugar or another sweetener for added sweetness if desired. There are also variations of a mocha that can be made with white chocolate or cinnamon instead of cocoa powder or dark chocolate instead of regular chocolate to create different flavor combinations that are sure to satisfy your taste buds! In addition to being incredibly yummy, a mocha is incredibly versatile and you can use it as either an addition to something else like hot cocoa on a cold day (or cold day in Florida) when you want something more filling than just hot water or steamed milk alone!

Espresso Shots

Both lattes and mochas are made with espresso shots, but latte is more likely to have steamed milk mixed into it; a mocha is more likely to have chocolate mixed in. The distinction is subtle but important! While ordering a mocha will make your local barista assume you want a drink that’s half espresso and half hot chocolate, you’ll end up with something that looks like an iced coffee (which isn’t bad). To get an actual mochaccino or mochachino with extra froth on top, ask for a latte. Just don’t expect extra cinnamon! Although some coffee shops might be creative enough to mix in some nuts and whipped cream… just to throw us off even more!


A latte is an espresso-based coffee drink that usually contains steamed milk and foam, and can also include other ingredients like chocolate or cinnamon. A typical latte has more foam than a cappuccino, but less than a mochaccino (which are made using espresso instead of drip coffee). The word latte comes from Italian caffe latte, which translates to coffee with milk. Latte recipes were thought to have originated in Italy, but actually stem from Turkey – where they were called kahve fincanı – as far back as 1850!

Mocha vs Latte which is the best

Most people get a latte from their local coffee shops to go with their morning breakfast. However, it may be unclear for most of them whether they are getting mochas or lattes. This is because both drinks look very similar in terms of appearance and taste to each other. However, there are differences between mochas and lattes that make them entirely different from each other.

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