Monetizing On The Modernization of Cable TV With Dynamic Ad-Insertion

One can almost easily distinguish between the pre and post-covid era of worldwide content distribution. The facilities and the platforms that we have now to stream and watch our favorite content on the go, we can’t say we had the same opportunities before the covid-era. Because of the world being confined into the comfort of their homes, the demand for content is now more than ever. This worldwide phenomenon gave rise to many Streaming TVs and Streaming Channels to come out, especially in the last 2+ years. The world is getting smaller and smaller while art is expanding every day. Content owners now prefer to upload their content on the internet instead of buying a channel or a spot. However, posting content on social media platforms is not viable because content owners can’t monetize their intellectual property. One can also upload things on YouTube, but dedicated content owners prefer their own streaming service or using a streaming TV. Video-on-demand has been on an uprise as more and more people are moving away from the static broadcasting system. This uproar of billions of bits of data flowing around us raises the need for healthy monetization techniques that a business should keep in mind. A sensible monetization strategy, in turn, helps the content creators to actually ask for the right price from their potential and current customers. Of course, you overreach, and you fail, so that’s not an option. Thankfully, it’s not a tricky treat to finesse in today’s time. 

Dynamic Ad-Insertion Platform for OTT Content Providers

It’s quite necessary for the content providers to have a platform that’s an automated ad detection and OTT dynamic ad insertion platform that enables OTT content publishers, vMVPD, and Free Ad-Supported TV (FAST) platforms to effectively monetize their live, linear, and VOD content. This is where Amagi’s Thunderstorm comes into play that is providing the content owners the exact type of platform they require to monetize on their intellectual property. It is based on a server-side ad insertion technology that can insert personalized, in-stream ads without requiring any customization from the user’s end. It’s probably the most versatile platform for OTT monetization currently in the market. 

With such a concise and dedicated platform, content owners can-

  1. Monetize linear OTT channels
  2. Monetize live sports event
  3. Monetize Video-On-Demand Content

Digital networks and content owners can get the most out of their advertising revenues through Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI). What’s more, with Amagi, the content owners get a dedicated platform themselves backed by real-time viewership analytics and insights to aid the decision-making process for further content. No OTT or streaming TV provider can withstand the volatile market without a platform that enables them to monetize their content. 

Some of the benefits of using DAI are-

  • Scalable Infrastructure

It reduces bottle-necks for scaling the ad insertion system for millions of users without changing the finished in-hand platform.

  • Frame-accurate insertion

Able to insert ads on the server-side coherent with the frame using standard ad triggers like SCTE.

  • Multiple ad network capability

Able to source ads from any ad network supporting VAST 2.0 and above.

  • Analytics and insights

Use of real-time analytics on ad impressions to better maneuver future decisions

Conclusion: Cable TV is a thing of the Past, OTT is the Future 

Amagi THUNDERSTORM supports not only multiple ad insertion triggers but also provides automated ad detection techniques done using advanced machine learning. Using the technology, the platform can detect and replace ads with more than 95 percent accuracy even when ad triggers are not available. Banking on the things you provide for consumers’ amusement and enjoyment will always be the right move to make, especially when new streaming platforms are coming out of the hen-house so frequently.

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