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Tips on Listening Task for IELTS

Listening Task for IELTS

The listening part is just as important as the other parts, so let’s talk about some tips on listening task for IELTS that will help you in clarifying the listening part.

IELTS Listening Format

So let’s first talk about the IELTS listening format. There are basically four recordings that you have to listen to and then answer accordingly. Remember that you can only listen to each test recording note once.

  • Recording Note 1 – You listen to a dialogue based on everyday life and context.
  • Recording Note 2 -You are listening to a monologue.
  • Recording Note 3 – You listen to a conversation of more than two people discussing any current topic.
  • Recording Note 4 -You listen to monologues on all educational topics.

So, these are the four recordings that you listen to and according to which you have to answer.

Now, if you need any advice on listening to the exam, I have a friend for you.

Some Tips for IELTS Listening Exam

So, here are some tips:

Always remember before recording, look at the questions first, and when you understand them, you can listen to the recording and write down the answers accordingly so that the answers can be easily identified.

If one section is complete, then go to the nest section and read their questions to easily identify the answers of the other sections.

Always note the word limitations of each section, as sometimes the instructions say how many words are needed to write the answer. So follow this guide and don’t go over the word limit.

If you do, you may not get a rating at all for this answer.

As you listen to the recordings and ales carefully, try to look for words and synonyms in the questions that match the answer.

While listening, you can cancel answers that are not in the selection to make the exact answer easier for you.

If you have trouble writing any answer, then move on to the next question and don’t waste your time there. Because if you don’t get the other answers, you can panic and you can get all the other answers wrong, so don’t waste your time on one answer.

These tips can help you to clear your exam.

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So what do you expect?

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