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What Makes Yoga Alliance Certification in India Unique

India bags the top position as one of the best yoga destinations in the world. Do you know why? Well, the reasons are many. The quality and depth of yoga preached in India certainly surpass any other place in the world. That is why you can rest assured to have the ultimate yoga experience when you join a Yoga Alliance certification in India.

A few good reasons to visit India for the best yoga experience are as follows. Make sure you read them to know what makes India one of the best yoga destinations in the entire world. Keep reading.

Why Join Yoga Alliance Certification in India

Birthplace of Yoga

One of the biggest reasons why you must join a Yoga Alliance certification in India is that it is the birthplace of yoga. Yoga came into existence nearly five thousand years ago. Hence, it has been around for ages.

Moreover, Indian people have skillfully engrained the art of yoga into their lives. That means when you visit India, you could come across numerous live examples to know how to inculcate yoga in life. Hence, it gives you a better insight into the art of yoga practice.

Spiritual Aura

An aura of a place you visit plays the most important role on an individual. India is a land of countless yogis who have dedicated their lives to yoga practice. Moreover, the presence of numerous yoga practitioners in India makes it a holy place for yoga.

Therefore, the aura that it radiates is pure and pious. Hence, when you join a Yoga Alliance certification in India, you get more than expected. It feels like venerable yoga masters are always witnessing you while practicing yoga.

Thus, the place has an enriching aura that energizes you from time to time. It also affects your overall mood.

Different Yoga Forms

The variety of yoga forms that you get in India keeps the spark alive that makes learning interesting. Therefore, when you join a 300 hour yoga teacher training course in India, you have plenty of options to choose from.

For instance, you can practice Hatha yoga or Vinyasa yoga if your goal is to physically challenge your body. However, in case you want to explore the deep psyche, Kundalini yoga or Ashtanga yoga could be better options for you.

Furthermore, you even get to practice Yin yoga, Restorative yoga, Bikram yoga, or Acro yoga. Hence, the availability of so many options makes it easier for you to learn yoga in case one form does not serve you.

Ashram Life

If you are bored of the lavish lifestyle that is being propelled in the Western yoga culture, India could be a perfect choice for you. Why? Because in this contemporary age, yoga is still practiced in the traditional style. That gives rise to ashram life in India.

Hence, you no longer spend huge chunks of money to live in a lavish spa. Rather, you get to spend time with yogis in ashrams where you also volunteer. In short, you learn the spiritual aspect of yoga practice by giving your selfless services.

This helps in making you humble and keeps you grounded in life even if you have achieved a lot in your life. This aims at helping you explore the true intentions of practicing yoga when you join a Yoga Alliance certification in India.

Authentic Yoga Knowledge

Authenticity is rare in these times. More than information, misinformation is surfacing that harms you a lot. Therefore, it becomes utterly important that you know how whom to trust. In that case, joining a Yoga Alliance certification in India is going to serve you the best.

You learn authentic yoga that is around for ages. There are no hybrid yoga forms that are prevalent in Western culture. Rather, you learn the traditional style of yoga that enhances your mental and physical growth.

Wrap Up

All the reasons given above play a vital role in helping you decide why you must enroll in a Yoga Alliance certification in India. Therefore, you should keep them in mind while making up your mind to learn yoga. Doing so will help you walk the right path with the first step in the right direction. Over time, you are going to take your yoga practice to new heights.

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