Jungle Safari At Chandaka Forest

You Must Experience This Jungle Safari At Chandaka Forest

The Chandaka forest reserve in Bhubaneswar, Orissa, is a one-of-a-kind wildlife reserve in India. The tranquility of the magnificent Eastern Ghats, the lush green Chandaka forest, and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be one with wildlife make the Chandaka forest a perfect place for exploration when planning a trip to Orissa.

Situated just an hour away from the Bhubaneswar city center, you can comfortably reach here via booking car rentals in Bhubaneswar with a local driver and embark on the beautiful journey of wildlife exploration.

Royal Jungle Safari at Chandaka Forest

While Chandaka forest is famous for its elephant reserve, you can also witness other wildlife such as bears, chital, peafowl, sambar deer, pythons, and wild dogs. This forest reserve’s diverse and rich flora comprises Teak, Sal, and Karanja trees, among other medicinal and herbal plants.

So a jungle safari to this magnificent forest can give you an adrenaline rush and take you on a rollercoaster of overwhelming feelings. Also, you must be thrilled to know that the Chandaka forest is equally renowned for its butterfly population. Over 50 butterfly species can be seen in the forest if you examine closely with full concentration.

The ideal time for a jungle safari at Chandaka forest

The ideal time for a quick jungle safari trip to the Chandaka forest reserve is in October and May. Even if you plan to visit this place in December or January, ensure that you pack sufficient warm clothes since the nights can get quite chilly.

Furthermore, a jungle safari into the Chandaka forest implies a lot of forbearance and waiting. The perfect time to go for a safari ride is during or after sunset since it is when the animals come out of their natural habitat to drink water. To get a more unreal, wild experience, you can climb up the watchtowers located by the watering holes and witness wildlife in its natural habitat.

Perfect wildlife spotting at Chandaka wildlife reserve

When embarking on a jungle safari at the Chandaka forest reserve, you have to keep a few things in mind to spot the wild animals, unaware and lost in their lively spirit. Some of these tips to follow for a perfect safari expedition are as follows:

  • Always read about the birds and animals in the forest reserve to understand where you are most likely to spot them on your safari.
  • As specified, visit this forest in the dry season. Also, most animals can be found creeping near the water holes during the summertime, exposed due to the less greenery in these areas.
  • Begin the safari either at dawn or dusk, as most wild animals are found outside their shelters during the morning or evening time. Moreover, you can also spot crocodiles and reptiles during midday.
  • Stay for an extended time at the hotspots, like riverbanks, canals, lakes, ponds, etc.
  • Always ensure that you pick a knowledgeable safari guide to spot maximum animals and birds to improve your odds of spotting the wild animals.
  • Use your binoculars (or your camera’s zoom lens) to spot animals hiding in the bushes.

All in all, Chandaka Forest can take you on a fascinating jungle safari expedition, oozing spirit in its tourists. So why wait? Book your cab using a top-rated car rental app and head out to examine the magnificent wildlife at this forest reserve. Also, do not forget to keep the above points in mind for the perfect wildlife spotting.

Happy Journey!

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