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10 Tips to improve your outbound calling strategy in 2022

Outbound calls are the primary way agents communicate with clients for many companies. The success or failure of your outbound calls can be based on many factors. With the right planning and preparedness, most of these can be tipped in your favor. Making an outbound calling campaign requires a solid strategy to help your team achieve whatever you want. Let’s have to look at some tips for how to improve your company’s outbound call strategy. 

Outbound calling

A company’s call centre agent initiates an outbound call. These calls usually focus on sales, generating leads, telemarketing, and fundraising. Phone calls can also be made to an accessible customer for renewal services, updates, debt collection, research, or pre-emptive customer service. Sales teams typically call potential customers about their products. Companies may also do outbound calls to do surveys and market research.

How to improve outbound calls?

Understanding the meaning of outbound calls fetches you a step closer to maximizing your outbound sales. It can be an immensely profitable revenue stream if outbound calling is right. If your outbound calling strategy is not making good deals and sales, you may require starting thinking of a new approach.

Tips to improve your outbound calling strategy:

Grab attention: The first stage to start a call is paramount. Call the prospect by their name and show them that you are interested in them, their situation, and the betterment thereof. Don’t sound cookie-cutter, and do not make the mistake of converging the conversation on self. If an agent doesn’t grab the prospect’s interest, the latter won’t lose much if they hang up.

Predictive calling: Predictive dialling system automatically makes outgoing calls, dialling phone numbers and screening out busy signals, voicemail, non-answers, and detached numbers, so agents are only on their phones when the call is answered. By making the most of the agent’s time, call centres that use this technology can include a high volume of outbound calls in a short period.

Blended agents: Making outbound calls can be demanding for call centre agents. Managers can keep morale high by conveying call centre agents to make outbound calls and answer inbound calls depending on call volume.

Scripting the calls: Sometimes, customers get annoyed as they have several calls incoming due to multiple similar outbound calls from the business end. Thus, a pre-written script is advised or preferred to stand out and have a better conversation. In this way, the objective of such calls can be fulfilled, and the message is shared.

Training agents: The success of the outbound calling system mainly relies upon the person making these calls. A well-trained agent who can handle customers’ cross-questions or adjust to the customer will better result. Vocabulary and pronunciation also matter in the outbound calls system, and a mere difference in pronunciation may sometimes lead to huge misunderstandings. Thus, someone with good communication skills is ideal.

Do not call lists: Many countries have enacted legislation specifying the number of cold calls businesses and contact centres can make. 

Engaging the customer: A person is not interested in spending their time giving out feedback or listening to information about a product unless and until it entertains them. Thus, an interactive discussion is important and advised in such calls.

Effective feedback loop: Feedback forms help companies improve or evaluate their services. Similarly, there has to be a feedback system to recognize the customer experience and improve a suggestion for change after any call.

Identify the Best Calling Times: Another factor worth paying attention to is the best time of day to call prospects. Most experts propose that Wednesday and Thursday are the best days to call prospects. They are not preoccupied with the upcoming week or getting ready for the weekend. In addition, calling between 11 am and 1 pm or 4 pm and 5 pm is preferable instead of early morning or during the pre-or post-work commute.

Consider Outbound Calling Tools: Consider outbound calling tools such as a call centre dialer, CRM, and customizable caller ID to boost your success rate. These tools make it easy and even automate processes to a certain degree, making placing calls and closing deals faster.

Improve out calling strategy:

Outbound call centre software solution services in Knowlarity are the most effective way of connecting with the customers in today’s world. In this new era of technology, the old school ways of advertisement are not that useful. Knowlarity aims to offer modern and more effective ways of promoting their clients’ product, services or conducting surveys.

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