6 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Global Sourcing

With more and more companies looking at global sourcing as an important aspect of their business growth, it’s important to think about how your company will achieve these benefits in the most efficient way possible. These six practical ways to organize your global logistics can help you make sure that your company has all of the resources it needs to succeed on the global market.

1. Understand Shipping Costs

When sourcing from multiple countries, shipping costs can add up fast. One of your main goals as a global business owner is to bring down your overall cost of goods. The best way to do that is by cutting out unnecessary expenses, and shipping costs are a big one. Instead of contracting a logistics company or broker, keep control in-house by using an integrated freight management software platform. This will allow you to manage all aspects of your shipments from origin to destination, including customs clearance documentation and tracking information. For example, if you’re importing from China directly into Canada but have partners in US and Mexico as well, imagine how much money you could save on shipping if you used an integrated freight management system instead of hiring a separate broker for each country.

2. Get Rid of Packaging

The concept of global sourcing is new for most companies. Many people don’t even know what it means, and those who do can feel daunted by its complexity. Sourcing agent India have tons of benefits, but it’s not without issues. Just ask Apple. There are often complex regulations involved, which can be a real challenge for a novice company trying to navigate them on their own. A better way? Hire a consultant to manage your process from start to finish— they can guide you through any regulatory obstacles and ensure that everything is done correctly. This will save you time and money in the long run, as well as give you peace of mind so that you can focus on running your business.

3. Focus on Quality over Quantity

Even if you have limited time, it’s still important to put an emphasis on quality. Quantity without quality is useless. For example, if you want better content marketing, don’t just post more content—post higher-quality content! The easiest way to do that is by testing your audience with different types of copywriting. Try two variations of a landing page and test which one performs better. Run A/B tests with ad creatives or try out different email subject lines for your newsletters.

4. Know What Products Sell Best Globally

Sometimes your product will sell in different markets for different reasons. For example, in North America, you might sell yoga pants online because people want to live an active lifestyle. However, in Asia Pacific (APAC), you might sell yoga pants online because they are more comfortable than jeans or suits at work. You can change your design based on what sells best in each market. This is called localizing your product; it’s very important when it comes to global eCommerce success. Don’t assume that what sells well one place will sell well another place; research and identify exactly what does well locally! Example: APAC buyers prefer sweatpants over yoga pants because of how quickly they dry; compare these two images below with differences highlighted.

5. Bundle Products Together

If you’re looking for a more efficient way to sell products on your ecommerce store, consider bundling them together. It makes sense that consumers might be inclined to buy multiple items at once—they’re getting additional value out of their purchase, and it can also save them money. Bundling is also an easy way for retailers to diversify sales. For example, if someone buys a specific product they’ve shopped for online before, chances are they’ll be interested in other similar products as well.

6. Implement a Global Distribution Center

With many sourcing agent India expanding their global reach, there’s also an increased focus on setting up distribution centers around the world. While sourcing strategies are changing, just-in-time inventory isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. This means that companies need smart ways to ensure that they have enough inventory in place while not overinvesting in warehousing that can quickly become obsolete. A great way to reduce costs while maintaining efficiency is by investing in a GDC—which will often serve as a centralized location for multiple distribution channels or locations within a region or country. You can then save money on wasted shipping and unnecessary inventory by streamlining your operations and leveraging economies of scale with a single location where products can be sourced from multiple sources and sent out accordingly based on demand at any given time.

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