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5 Reasons A Certification Can Benefit Your Yoga Practice

Want to deepen your current yoga practice? Tired of doing the same yoga sequence day in and out? Sign up for a yoga certification to understand yoga beyond its physical aspects. Yoga certification gives you complete knowledge about this sacred art. You get to understand its mental and spiritual aspects.

Do you know about the different levels of yoga certification? Yoga experts have come up with the complete information about the same.

Different Levels of RYT Certification

Given below are 3 major levels of an RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) certification.

RYT 200

The beginner-level yoga teacher training is RYT 200. It is excellent for those with minimal or no experience in yoga theory and practical. Completing this program helps you become an RYT 200and teach yoga to others.

Do you know what this beginner-level yoga teacher training covers?

RYT 200 Syllabus

  • Yoga anatomy and physiology
  • Chakras
  • Yoga pranayama
  • Different styles of yoga
  • Yoga sequencing
  • Lessons from Yoga Sutras
  • Yoga asana alignment and modification

This is the first level of yoga teacher training. It gives you in-depth knowledge about yoga basics.

RYT 300

Sign up for the RYT 300 only after you understand all yoga basics in RYT 200 program. This is an intermediate-level yoga teacher training program. Almost every yoga school requires you to complete the RYT 200 program before signing up for this one.

RYT 300 Syllabus

  • Advanced asana and meditation
  • Advanced pranayama techniques
  • Yoga mudra
  • Yoga bandhas
  • Yoga Kriya
  • Psychology of yoga
  • Ethics of yoga teaching
  • Business of yoga teaching
  • History and philosophy of yoga

It is time we take a look at the most advanced yoga teacher training – The RYT 500 program.

RYT 500

As said above, the RYT 500 is an advanced-level yoga teacher training. RYT 500 is a combination of the intermediate 300 and beginner 200 hour yoga teacher training. If you want to become a 500- hour RYTthen this is the course you should sign up with.

RYT 500 Syllabus

  • Different paths to yoga
  • Different types of yoga koshas
  • Different pranayama techniques
  • Yoga anatomy and physiology
  • Different types of meditation
  • Yoga mantras
  • Yoga practicum
  • Sun Salutation
  • Yoga mudra
  • Yoga shatkarma

Completing either of these certifications makes you eligible to teach yoga anywhere in the world.

That is not all! There are reasons why enrolling in a yoga certification is worth it.

5 Ways Yoga Certification Benefits Your Yoga Practice

Given below are 5 major benefits of earning a yoga certification.

1. Deepens Personal Yoga Practice

Whether it is the RYT 200 or 500, both have one thing in common. These take your knowledge and practice of yoga to the next level. Many yoga techniques and poses improve your comfort level with yoga. In time you start doing challenging yoga asanas with ease.

2. Helps You Embrace Change

A yoga certification alters not only your view about yoga but life in general. You get exposure to a positive environment. The yoga certification gives you an opportunity to interact with others. This helps you form a new perspective about life. In the long run this makes you open-minded and more accepting in nature.

3. Connects You with ‘YOU’

Yoga is not only about asanas and pranayama. Deep breathing is what connects your mind with the body. Enrolling in yoga certification helps you learn meditation and deep breathing techniques. These help you connect with the real self. Even if you sign up for the beginner-level RYT 200 program you still get this benefit.

4. Make Friends for Life

The yoga certification is where you meet individuals from different walks of life. This gives you the chance to connect with like-minded people. The exchange of yoga knowledge along with life experiences helps you connect with others on a spiritual and emotional level. These relations sustain even after you complete the certification.

5. A Lifetime Experience

Yoga certification takes you to places that enchant your soul. Daily yoga practice along with nature walks recharge your body and mind. This is perhaps a major reason why millions take up yoga certification, be it the RYT 500 or 300.


Yoga certification offers you once in a lifetime opportunity to connect with your deep self. Whether you sign up for the RYT 200 or advanced program, both offer you a world of benefits. Make sure you join a certified yoga school to complete the certification.

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