7 Best Video Editing Software For Beginners To Revamp Their Editing Game In 2022

If video isn’t already a crucial part of your marketing strategy, odds are it’s about to be. Regardless of whether content marketers and SEOs like it or not, the world of web content is taking a sharp turn towards video. About 80% of marketers claim that video helps them increase sales, and 81% of marketers have gone far to use paid media to promote videos on Facebook. Students also take marketing assignment help.

Again, nearly 50% of marketers are adding Facebook and YouTube channels for video distribution in the next year. 54% of the population desire marketers to generate more video content and social media video than 1200% more shares than image and text content combined.

As some marketers claim, “If the content is king, video is the crown.”

However, do you not have a video studio, a lucid idea of how to edit videos, or have a bona fide specialist to shoot and cut your features? Never fear! The objective of today’s comprehensive blog post is to show you that with the right kind of video editing software, you can also churn out sleek and professional video content-irrespective of skills or experience- and keep your content strategy ahead of the curve.

Here are recommendations for the best pieces of video editing software for beginners that you can use to create professional-grade video content and take your content marketing strategy to the next level with ease.

Let’s dive right in!

Best Video Editing Software For Beginners

1. OpenShot Video Editing Tool

A look at popular digital assignment help forums will help you understand that OpenShot includes an easy-to-use interface that’s amazing for beginners. It doesn’t incorporate a diverse array of editing features; however, it’s a perfect choice for beginners looking for a basic editing app.

This impeccable app is immensely useful for trimming, scaling, resizing, snapping, and rotation. Further, you will find fantastic features like scrolling credits, time mapping, audio editing, frame stepping, and real-time preview.

Key Features –

  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Video effects like gamma, brightness, gamma, grayscale, hue, and green screen
  • Unlimited layers for background videos, audio tracks, and watermarks
  • Keyframe animation capabilities

2. Lumen 5

This impeccable app markets itself as a brilliant tool that turns blog posts into social promos. The process isn’t perfect. You may have to do some tinkering to get your blog content looking just the way you like it. However, the rest of the video creation process is a cinch.  

All you need to do is merely refine some copy that teases the blog post, drag and drop some GIFs, screen grabs or video clips, add some music, and your interactive social video will be ripe for Twitter and Facebook.

Key Features 

  • Blog-to-social-promo creation
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Library with millions of stock photos and videos

3. Movavi Video Editor Plus

If you consider video editing to be a scary task, then it’s time to press reset. Movavi Editor makes it like a 20-minute child’s play.

It’s a remarkable editing software with transitions, quick filters, and basic video manipulation. You can also swiftly import all your files from any source you can think of. What’s more, it comes with a 7-day free trial, in case you desire to take it for a spin before purchasing it.

Key Features –

  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Built-in intros, videos, backgrounds, music, and sounds
  • Filters, transitions, and titles
  • § Keyframe animation of titles, overlay, stickers, and more

4. FlexClip

Even if you lack the faintest clue about how video editors work, there’s a possibility to create spectacular videos with eyes shut. Well, not really, but you get the gist. FlexClip is a wise choice for beginners!

On its website, you’ll come across numerous sections for making or editing videos from scratch. If you desire to shorten a video, you can upload it to the FlexClip Video Trimmer. However, the real star feature of the app is the Video Maker. You can import your clips, images, or music to make a storyboard with a simple click. Further, if you lack enough resources, there’s a massive library of royalty-free stock footage to use. And, it’s completely free!

Key Features-

  • Free to use
  • Exports fast
  • Easy changing of format to MP4, WAV, MOV, etc
  • Royal-free content library

5. Lightworks

Hands down, Lightworks is one of the best video editing tools you can master. It comes adorned with a simple and intuitive interface; hence, it’s excessively easy to pick up. This incredible software also offers an amazing collection of detailed tutorials, making it one of the more accessible and easy to learn video editing software options on this extensive list.

Key Features 

  • Supreme quality simple trim functions
  • Speed optimization
  • Multicam editing
  • Easy sharing of videos with fast export to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Instagram

6. Adobe Premiere Pro

It’s perhaps the most powerful editing software for beginners- just ask its 10 million users. It comes equipped with a user-friendly interface making it the perfect choice for beginners.

In its simplest editor, you get a massive set of tools to work with. The Razor Tool is every YouTuber’s best buddy, responsible for those snappy jump cuts in the vlogs. The Text Tool allows you to add titles and captions with complete ease. What’s more, you can edit videos for the color grade, adjust video sound, import graphics and special effects from other Adobe apps.

Key Features  

  • Import footage from any file format
  • Trim footage with precision
  • Add animation and effects
  • Manage audio editing and sound effects

7. iMovie 

iMovie is a brilliant entry-level video editing application created by Apple, mainly for Mac OS and iOS users. Boasting a marvellous simple interface and drag and drop navigation, iMovie enables users to browse video clips with ease. It also helps in editing audio and videos, adding music, narration and photos to videos, indeed a child’s play.

What makes this fantastic app stand out is that despite being a freebie, this editor supports 4k video. This free editing application comes baked into Mac devices and seems to be an excellent platform for mastering the basics of video editing before exploring high-end applications.

Key Features 

  • Comes with a reliable chromakeying tool
  • Provides multiple classy themes
  • Provides ample media organization tools
  • Offers 80+ smart soundtracks

8. Final Thoughts

There you have it! Our guide to the seven best editing tools for beginners. Hopefully, this guide offers you enough crucial information to expedite your decision and help you settle on an exemplary video editing application that can meet your videos production demand.

Beginner or not, all you need is the best editing software, a pinch of creativity, and playful imagination to take your content marketing to the next level. With so many options to choose from, there’s no limit to the creative potential of your brand’s marketing content.

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