Day Out at Nandi Hills: Complete Guide

Gaining the name from the tall statue committed to the god Nandi erect on the hilltop, Nandi Hills is a hill station that has cautiously been uncovered by travelers over the years. Now a popular holiday place for the people of Bangalore and other, it was also the same place where Tipu Sultan sought to run away the heat of the plains and of the battle.

Located at a height of 4,851 ft above sea the level, all the notable grandee like Queen Elizabeth II, Mahatma Gandhi, and more have enjoyed in Nandi Hills. It is dissolve with monuments and sanctum featuring solemn pillars and beautifully carved archway with tangled painted walls and ceilings. Being a hidden gem covered by captivative views of hills and valleys, a cortege of weekenders travel here at early hours just to catch a glance of the sunrise from a top.

The weather here is soothing throughout the year but the best time to visit these Nandi hills is from September and May may be the roads could be slippery and typical to climb up during the rest of the monsoon months. It is best would be if you are on the hilltop before sunrise since afternoons can be suffocating during summers. So plan your trip early in the morning at around 5.30 AM to witness the beautiful sunrise. This place remain open from morning 6 AM to 10 PM

So are agenda for todays article is to know:

  1. Best transport options to visit Nandi Hills
  2. Ticket details
  3. Best time to visit Nandi Hills
  4. Best outfit for the best experience
  5. food options
  6.  At last will also see is it really worth visiting

Best Transport Options:

So let’s just get started, Nandi Hills is at a distance of 62 km from Bangalore out of which the sloppy part is about 3 to 4 km. It doesn’t have any railway station or airpost of its own and the nearest ones is in Bangalore for bus there is a bus from Chikbalapur which is the city of Karnataka that will charge you 42 rupees per head. Buses from their leave after every half an hour and it takes two hours to reach Nandi Hills. However the best options would still be two wheeler or rental car from Bangalore this way you will be able to enjoy the beauty along the way and stops in between to click photos or videos or just to spend some peaceful time.

Ticket Details:

Tickets at Nandi Hills are inclusive of parking charges and the amount is minor. They rente a car and paid about 150 rupees for four people including parking charges. So not sure if it is per person based or vehicle based but anyways amount is very less and easily affordable so should not be an issue.

Best Time to Visit:

 I would say early morning is the best time to visit this place it’s main gate opens at 6 a.m. in the morning, so try to reach 6 so that you can enjoy sunrise also you’ll love the beauty along your way in the morning with cool breezes floating around and view from the hight as you travel towards the hill. Also September 2 February would be the best duration as temperature with the moderate and they won’t be any rainfall.

Best Outfit:

 Nandi hill is at a height, that has about 1100 steps and sloppy area to climb as well. So, I guess the best outfit would be jeans with the top t-shirt for sure which would be the most comfortable one and I was avoid wearing shorts, knee pants, frocks, maxies etc;. As it will be really cold early in the morning instead keep a jacket with you. You will probably need it while reaching at a top. Also try wearing shoes at your footwear for the best comfort


Food Options Available:

You can get a tea with snacks, at the start when you enter the gate, at the top also there are few general stallslike Dairy come grocery shop and few other stalls as well. When you can get hot snacks like Maggi, Pakoda and few other basic things.

Is it Worth Visiting?

 If you are a nature lover, if you love cool breeze then you should definitely visit this place. It is one of the most recommended tourist places. You’ll be able to see beautiful sunrise if visited this place early in the morning. There you will find an ancient place where you’ll also see various temples and Gardens there are many resorts and hotels which will help you to enjoy the beautiful view. I hope this article will help you to plan your journey at Nandi Hills.

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