best immigration consultant in Delhi for Canada

How to Choose the best Immigration Consultants in Delhi for Canada?

When it comes to finding an immigration consultant in India, often times, people are unsure of what they should look for. Because no one wants to take a risk with their professional future. With this post we bust some myths and show you, how you can choose the best immigration consultant in Delhi for Canada. One may find licenced and unregistered consultants alike on the market. As a result, one of the most critical steps in your quest for a Permanent Resident Visa to Canada will be selecting an immigration expert to assist you. Your selection might make or break your prospects of coming to Canada as an immigrant.

The decision to relocate to Canada is a significant one, and it deserves careful deliberation. Immigrating to a new country may be a lengthy and challenging process. As a result, working with a Licensed Canada Visa Consultants in Delhi can help you with your immigration process.

To be sure that you are eligible for a visa or an immigration procedure in Canada, it is highly suggested that you speak with an authorised Canadian immigration counsellor. A licenced Canadian immigration consultant, on the other hand, should be open and honest about your possibilities of achieving the best possible route for you and your family to enter Canada.

To ensure a safe landing, there are a number of important considerations to bear in mind. The following are some important considerations to bear in mind while trying to choose the finest immigration consulting firm:

  • ICCRC Registered: The first thing you need to check is the credibility of your immigration consultant. The consulting firm should be ICCRC registered.
  • Licensing and Experience: The attorneys and other team specialists who will be managing your profile should be licenced and experienced.
  • Company’s size – Also consider the firm’s size and years in business to get a sense of its good will.
  • Application success– Immigrating to a new country can be a long and complicated process, and choosing the right immigration agency may make or break your chances of being accepted.
  • Customized attention – Make sure the organisation is truly digging into your profile rather than simply offering you broad facts. A reputable consultant will thoroughly examine your work description, financial situation, and other relevant factors before providing you with an honest assessment of your prospects of being authorized.
  • Verification of the background – An important component of picking an immigration agency is verifying that there are no past records of fraud or disciplinary action against the agency in question. In order to entice new customers, several well-known consulting firms conceal their criminal past. Doing a background check on the consultant you’re considering might help you avoid needless delays in the application process or even an outright rejection.

 An expert immigration consultant will be able to predict what may go wrong and offer ways to increase your chances of obtaining a work permit. It’s also possible that he or she may help you get a faster start in Canada. Finding a competent consultant, on the other hand, might be a challenge in and of itself.

In order to choose the best RCIC, you need consider the following factors:

  • The Canadian government must provide permission for the consultant to work there. It is your responsibility as an applicant to ensure that the immigration adviser you choose is licenced. The ICCRC requires that a Canadian immigration counsellor be registered (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council).
  • They all have an ICCRC certificate of permission and a picture ID card with their name and licence number readily visible. Starting with the letter “R,” all ICCRC licence numbers have six digits. A wide variety of options should be offered by the Consultant.
  • The skilled worker programme that best suits your profile and expedites your application for permanent residence in Canada should be the one you choose if you want to live in Canada permanently.

As an alternative, Canada Visa Consultants in Delhi may help you identify short-term study or employment opportunities that will allow you to visit Canada while you work toward your long-term goals. Afterwards, the consultant should describe the process through which these temporary visas lead to permanent residency and design a roadmap for you specifically.

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