Reason Why Indian Students Choose MBBS in China

Reason Why Indian Students Choose MBBS in China

Reasons to Choose China for Study MBBS

China is one of the world’s oldest nations, with more than 5,000 years of recorded history, a rich cultural heritage and an influential world of knowledge. This tradition continues to this day, especially in the field of medicine: China is now one of the fastest growing destinations for foreign students in the field of medicine in the world. Let’s know reason why Indian students choose MBBS in China for study.

In recent years, many students from different parts of the world are also choosing China for their medical education. Last year, more than 10,000 students came to study MBBS in China, most of who chose the English language MBBS program. You may be wondering why they are so hesitant to choose China as a way to start their medical career, believing that the good reasons are:

Qualified for any MBBS Licensing Assessment and Internationally Predictable

The 52 approved schools for medical studies, are public universities under the supervision of the Government of China. Also, it has been approved to enroll overseas students. All Chinese approved universities are mentioned in the World Health Organization (WHO) which is also known as the “list of World Medical Schools”. This listing means that graduates are qualified to attend national MBBS broadcast exams such as USMLE, PLAB, AMC, MCI, PMDC, HPCSA, SCHS, etc.

On Equality with Modern Advanced Teaching in MBBS

Many Chinese medical universities are ranked among the top 500 universities in the world and have a high reputation for being at the forefront of modern medicine. Moreover, MBBS in China in English language programs have been taught for years and now a large number of graduates have further education in China or are doctors in their home country.

Livelihood Expenses and Teaching are Significantly Cheap in China

China has a large educational infrastructure with affordable funds for education and living expenses. Studying MBBS in China is 70% cheaper than doing a similar program in the US or the UK. Tutoring at Chinese universities is funded by the Chinese government’s Ministry of Public Health. In general, the study of foreign students in China is very economical.

Abundance of Excellence Hospitals for Internship

China has a population of over 1 billion, and this provides a good opportunity for learning. Also, as many clinical cases have been observed over the years. The affiliated hospital where the students are practicing must be Level III, Level A. Which has the most advanced medical equipment of international standard, as well as many patient beds. Therefore, China’s medical market is developing rapidly and is becoming one of the world’s largest medical markets.

Multicolored and Satisfying Campus life with All Season Climates

The weather varies from place to place in China, so each university has its own beauty in each season. Students can enjoy their academic life on campus or travel around the city on vacation. Meanwhile, to help foreign students learn about the rich and fascinating culture and traditions of China. Also, most Chinese universities organize all kinds of special events that are beneficial for them to live in China. Foreign students can experience not only the cultural history of China. But also the spirit of the new generation in China.

Study MBBS in a Humanity with Outstanding public Protection

China is a peaceful place with good social cohesion and public safety. To ensure the well-being of the people in a comfortable and secure society. The Chinese government is taking a strong stand against crime and law and order. The government also pays special attention to providing a safe learning and living environment for international students on campus.

Study and Walk around the Very Old History and Traditions

With the astonishing achievements that China has made over the past 30 years of opening up to the outside world, more than 260,000 international students study at Chinese universities and colleges each year. Also, making it one of the most wanted places to study for intercontinental candidates. China is seen as a representative of an ancient and mysterious culture and a powerful new economy that has everything for everyone. Because students have to learn Mandarin while studying in China, it is a great advantage to get the widest language in the world.

When East and West Assemble

China is the site of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The future of new MBBS is a combination of western MBBS and TCM. Chinese medical students are also exposed to TCM and have the opportunity to study undergraduate specialties at all levels.

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