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Is there a risk of data loss when I sell an old tablet?

All the devices used by you have your data available in them. You need to ensure that your data is safe even when you sell your old gadgets. Here, we are talking about selling old tablets. You require a login and other data insertion when you use a new tablet. However, while selling an old tablet, you need to ensure that your data is deleted and the phone is factory reset before giving it away. If we answer the above question, data loss happens if you do not back up the data before deleting it. You need to take a backup of all your essential data before clearing your tablet. This procedure involves no risk of data loss before selling an old tablet. There is an entire procedure to delete data before selling an old tablet safely. 

We will walk you through the process, but we have an easier way to clear your tablet before you sell it off. If you are looking forward to selling your old tablet, you need to ensure you do it through a safe platform. Suppose you sell it through an unknown source, the risk factor increases. You can face many consequences like your misuse of your tablet for unlawful activities, etc.

How to conveniently sell old tablets to Cashify ?

To avoid all the risks, you can sell your old tablet to Cashify. Cashify makes sure that your data is deleted before they accept your tablet. Cashify guarantees data security with its Factory Grade Data Wipe. The data wipe ensures that your information is safe and there is no data infringement. The procedure to sell your old tablet to Cashify is pretty convenient and straightforward. All you have to do is check the price of your tablet, schedule a doorstep pickup and get instant cash in exchange for the tablet. Once you schedule the pickup, a Cashify technician visits you and pays you instantly once he picks up the tablet. You can book the pick up at your home or workplace at a time convenient for you.

Moreover, Cashify offers the best prices for old tablets, doorstep services, and data wipes. Selling old tablets to Cashify is pretty convenient as everything happens at the customer’s comfort. The hassle of going to retail stores is reduced as Cashify offers services at your convenience. You also receive an invoice after you Sell old tablets to Cashify. The platform is considered genuine if it gives you a valid invoice or bill. Therefore, Cashify is one of the most trusted and reliable platforms for selling old tablets with safe data wipes. 

Procedure to clean your tablet before selling :

There is an entire procedure to clean your data manually from a tablet before selling it. We will walk you through the procedure in the preceding paragraph. The below-mentioned procedure will help you wipe your data before selling an old tablet. You can follow these steps to perform the data wipe :

  1. Go to your tablet’s Settings. 
  2. Click on System/Advanced/ Reset Options. 
  3. Click on Erase All Data ( Factory Reset )
  4. Enter your password, code, pin, pattern etc., whatever you use. 
  5. Tap on Erase All Data Again. 

The procedure mentioned above will help you delete all the data safely before selling your old tablet. However, if you want to save this data, you can backup your information on your laptop or computer. You also need to remove the Sim cards and memory cards from the tablet to ensure that your data is safe. The entire procedure involves no data loss, even if you sell your old tablet. However, even after you backup your data and erase your data, you need to make sure you find the right buyer for your tablet. You don’t want your old tablet to go into any wrong hands. You need to verify the buyer’s details before selling an old tablet to that particular buyer. 

How to minimize the hassle involved in the procedure of data wipe?

However, the procedure mentioned above is too long, and you will have to perform every step manually. The entire process might take a considerable amount of time and effort. If you miss out on logging out of Gmail accounts or any such simple step, you might end up clearing only half the data. You don’t want any such blunders when it comes to the safety of your data. However, manually performing the procedure as mentioned above will have a certain margin of error.

 To eliminate all the hassle and blunders, selling old tablets to Cashify is the best and the safest option you can go for. Since Cashify is a trusted platform, you don’t need to worry about any data theft or fraudulent activity at all. Factory grade data wipe by Cashify ensures that your data is safely deleted from your tablet without being misused by anyone once you sell it. To enjoy other benefits like doorstep services, instant payment, etc., along with safe data wipes, sell old tablets to Cashify. 

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