Logo Mats-Keeping You Noticeable And Safe

If you are not yet convinced that you need a matting system for your company or building based on cleanliness alone, perhaps safety will convince you. Being halted by a lawsuit is one of the worst things that can happen to a business owner, especially a small business owner. Slip-and-fall lawsuits can be prevented almost entirely by using anti-slip, commercial-grade entrance matting. And since you will be using an entryway mat to prevent dirt, debris, and excess moisture from entering your showroom floor, you should consider using it for free advertising. Having a safe, non-slip, highly durable logo outdoor mat and logo indoor mat with a nitrile rubber or vinyl backing can not only keep your business floors safe but also familiarise your brand with your customers.

Using matting systems in other areas of your business that may be exposed to excess dirt and moisture (such as restrooms or coffee bars) is also a good idea and represents an additional marketing opportunity.

A logo mat may be utilized by businesses of any size to boost brand visibility. Using an indoor and outdoor logo matting system can expose your company’s name, logo, and/or slogan to a broader audience than your current, loyal customers. You will also maintain your business or facility clean and clear of dirt and standing water, which would otherwise need additional cleaning work from you and your personnel. A logo mat can ensure the safety of you, your employees, and your customers by providing a non-skid, non-slip surface that collects dirt and water and prevents slip-and-fall incidents.

Various Types Of Carpets

As A Special Convergence, Point To Highlight A Brand In A Store

Are you looking for a way to highlight more of a brand or product without increasing the signs surrounding it? A logo mat placed beneath an item is a great way to attract customer attention without cluttering the area. This image contains three custom logo mats; locate them all! Ideal for use in stores, shops, retail establishments, clothing stores, toy stores, and vehicle display areas.

Coffee Mat: Dedicate A Logo Mat To The One Thing In Your Life That’s Always There… Espresso!

Espresso. Ensure that everyone is aware of the most important thing on the planet. The logo mat may be placed in front of the coffee machine, water cooler, or beverage machine to absorb spills and prevent slips and falls caused by wet floors. Ideal for use in cafes, bistros, restaurants, lounges, waiting areas, or at home.

Print A Game On A Play Mat And Use It To Engage Children

On your custom logo mat, you can print any game you want, including a racetrack, a city, a dollhouse, snakes and stepping stools, twister, hopscotch, the alphabet or numbers for dynamic learning, or anything else. You can imagine! Ideal for playgroups, nurseries, kindergartens, elementary schools, middle schools, and after-school programs.

Print Shoe Sizes On The Estimating Mat To Assist With Population Select The Correct Size

Customize a logo mat with various shoe sizes and use it to assist customers in selecting the correct size. Suitable for use in shoe stores, retail chains, and retail establishments.

Workmanship Mat: Display Your Strategy For All To See!

Why not print your prized artwork on a mat so that everyone can view it? Utilize your preferred traditional artisans or your plan. Ideal for use as an entry mat, in retail, as a showcase for craftsmanship, as a presentation area, or as a gift.

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