Overview – Proprietorship Business

Sole ownership, otherwise called a sole broker or essentially an ownership, is a kind of business structure that is possessed and run by one individual and in which there is no legitimate differentiation between the proprietor and the business. 

The proprietor gets all benefits (after charge) and has limitless obligations regarding all misfortunes and obligations. All resources and obligations of the business in the ownership are claimed by the owner. This implies that the proprietor has no less obligation than if they were going about as a person rather than as a business.

A sole owner might utilize a trademark or business name other than their name. In India, there is no particular regulation for enrollment of sole ownership, however, according to the Shop and Establishment Law (State Law), each foundation needs to get enlisted under the Act, which can be utilized as a restricted reason for sole ownership enrollment.

As the name uncovers, sole ownership is worked overseen and run by a solitary person. The personality of the association is only the singular himself. Nonetheless, contingent upon the idea of business, it is expected to get enlistment, for example, GST, Professional Tax, and so forth A sole ownership can be enrolled under the MSME Act to profit advantages and security.

The ownership business conveys limitless business hazards as the business owner is exclusively mindful to settle all business liabilities. The owner’s very own resources are in danger to remunerate the business liabilities.

Various Options for Registering Sole Proprietorship

MSME Registration

Udyog Aadhaar is one of a kind recognizable proof number given by MSME service to the business. Udyog Aadhaar can be acquired by all substances like organizations and associations, even a sole owner can apply for a udyog aadhaar.

Shop and Establishment Registration

In-Shop and Establishment Law (State Law), each foundation needs to get enrolled under the Act, which can be utilized as a restricted reason for sole ownership enlistment.

GST Registration

Sole ownership can apply for the GST number presenting every single supporting report. GST enrollment can be considered as sole ownership enlistment.

Ownership Registration – Requirements

Submit a Request on the web

Complete the E-Lawyering Interview

Get your Business Registered under MSME

The cycle of Starting a Proprietorship Business

Ownership can get any of the accompanying Registrations:

1. MSME Registration

2. Shops and Establishment Registration

3. Proficient Tax Registration

4. Products and Service Tax Registration

Archives Required

Owner Documents

Duplicate of PAN

Duplicate of Aadhaar

Address Proof of Business

Tenant contract for the sake of Business

Benefits of Proprietorship Business

No enrollment

Sole ownership organizations need not be enrolled under a particular regulation in India. In any case, for opening a record with a bank, an individual necessities any two enrollments under any regulation, for example, administration assessment or VAT, and so forth


Since sole ownership is a singular business, all benefits are burdened for the sake of the individual himself.

The executives

The owner deals with the business according to his will and wish.

Lawful consistency

Since sole ownership isn’t made by regulation, no particular consistency or documenting is expected with the exception of duty consistence and other lawful consistence relevant for any business.

Business Closure

It is not difficult to close a sole ownership business. The owner can sell all organizations absent a lot of trouble.

Technique to Start a Business In India

Characterize the India Business Plan

A Foreign National or a Business Registered external India needs to characterize the India Business Plan first. Relies upon the business tasks Plan, one needs to choose the most appropriate Business element choice beginning a business in India.

Pick Best Suited Business Option

Pick the most appropriate business from various choices like Limited Company, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Branch Office and Liaison Office or Project Office and so forth


Relies upon the picked Business choice, the documentation interaction will likewise vary. By and large, any record executed external India or a duplicate of archive created from outside India should be authenticated and apostatized or bore witness to by the Indian Embassy in their individual nations according to Hague Convention rules.

Application to separate Authorities

Once more, relies upon the picked Business choice, the application cycle will likewise contrast. In the event of Limited Companies and Limited Liability organizations, the application is expected to be recorded with the Registrar of Companies (ROC), Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

 In the event of the Branch office/Liaison Office the application is expected to be documented with the Reserve Bank of India and in the wake of getting the endorsement from the RBI, the element is expected to be enlisted with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) Delhi, Ministry of Corporate Affairs

Get the Registration and continue to Business Start-up Formalities

In the wake of getting the Business substance enlistment, the business can continue to open financial balance and continue to name individuals and start a business.

 Likewise, the busies are expected to acquire other required enlistments like Goods and Service Tax Registration (GST), Professional Tax and Shops and Establishment Registration, and so forth and begin utilizing individuals

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Records Required

Records Required from Foreign Body Corporate

Assuming a Foreign Company is a Shareholder/accomplice, the business Incorporation reports, for example, Certificate of Registration and Charter Documents with

a. The Board Resolution/formal authorisation for utilization of name of Foreign Body Corporate

b. Board Resolution/formal authorisation for utilization of Trademark of Foreign Body Corporate, if any

c. Board Resolution/Authorisation for execution to a person for the execution of Company Incorporation Documents.

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